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Welcome to Westbank Dental

Locally Owned and Operated by Dr. Sunny Danesh and Dr. Emily Craft

Caring Professionals Providing Exceptional Service

Our Mission

We help people care for their oral health through a personalized approach and genuine kindness. You matter to us.

Our Vision

To create and sustain a dental practice where our patients feel empowered to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.  We believe visiting the dentist should be stress-free and enjoyable.


With over 25 years of combined experience, Dr. Danesh and Dr. Craft have brought the patient-centered approach back to dentistry!

  • Convenient early morning and late evening appointments, so you do not need to take time away from the office.
  • Quality appointments that do not feel rushed.
  • Our team will help you to navigate the mysterious world of dental insurance. Leave the hassle to us!
  • Customized treatment plans that fit your individual health needs and budget.
  • You should understand every aspect of your proposed treatment, so we take the time to answer all of your questions. 
  • Our team forms relationships with our patients based on trust and transparency. As a patient, you are part of the Westbank Dental family.
  • Calm, welcoming, and peaceful atmosphere.
  • We will listen to you.
  • Technology that makes dentistry comfortable.
  • An Austin dental office you will enjoy visiting!

Technology For Results You Will Love

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I simply love WestBank dental. I’ve been treated with kindness at every turn. My teeth look great and I’m looking forward to my next visit. I’ve NEVER said that about a dental practice before. WestBank had my highest possible recommendation!!!
22:51 29 Nov 21
The entire team at Westbank Dental is great! I had my first appointment today and will be happy to return!
Cody F.
20:41 23 Nov 21
matt B.
18:29 17 Nov 21
Gabe D.
22:19 09 Nov 21
Dr Danesh and her team are great! They are friendly, thorough, and take their time with each patient. The office is spotlessly clean and I feel valued there.
Susan C
02:11 05 Oct 21
hitesh A.
16:05 30 Sep 21
My husband and I just became new patients at Westbank Dental and have both had excellent experiences. Everyone is exceptionally kind and welcoming. Ashley has been a delight to talk with both in person and over the phone. Dr. Danesh is very engaging, thorough, and tailors her approach to your needs. The overall attention to detail throughout really makes the experience. For example, they sent us a Thank You card after our first appointments and called me the day of a procedure to see how I was doing. We will definitely be back. I highly recommend them if you are in the market!
Beth L.
20:09 23 Sep 21
Amika Gabriella A.
23:31 21 Sep 21
Jack M.
13:29 21 Sep 21
Overall the best dental experience ever! Friendly and knowledgeable staff 🙂 they are the best hands down !
Jonathan K.
18:58 20 Sep 21
Dr. Danesh is very kind, caring and smart. My daughter had a great experience and loves her positive vibe. Ashley and the rest of the staff are so very welcoming and took good care of us. Highly recommend.
amjad S.
01:51 15 Sep 21
PEOPLE:Dr. Danesh is an incredible dentist! She is very thorough, professional, honest, and has a great 'bedside' manner! And the Hygienists, Office Manager, and other staff all the show the same high level of professionalism and care as that Dr. Danesh does.LOCATION:The office and equipment is very modern and clean! The smell of the Starbucks next door occasionally wafts in to make it even better.PRICE:This is not a practice who will tell you that you need a filling for a coffee stained tooth to make a buck. They're honest and actively try to help find ways improve your health that don't empty your wallet
Christopher “Chris” B.
17:22 13 Sep 21
Dr Craft and Ashley were a fantastic team! This was my first visit to Westbank Dental and I couldn’t have had a better experience. I’m not one who “enjoys” going to the dentist, but the staff there did such a wonderful job cleaning my teeth and addressing my dental needs. If you’re on the fence about a dentist in Austin I can’t recommend Westbank Dental enough!
Kalen R.
19:22 03 Sep 21
Lei Y.
19:31 10 Aug 21
Adam S.
18:07 04 Aug 21
Phenomenal dentist and staff. Dr. Danesh did a great job and was a pleasure to meet and talk to. I really enjoyed my experience here. Extremely friendly, helpful, and kind staff.
Michael S.
20:56 28 Jul 21
Dr Danesh was very thorough on examination and has a fantastic bedside manner. Fabulous dental cleaning and overall experience. Her staff and office are very warm and welcoming. Couldn’t ask for better!
Victoria G.
17:03 22 Jul 21
Love everyone at this practice! I have never liked going to the dentist (I don’t think I’m alone) but I enjoy going in for my appointments now. They are caring, professional and provide excellent care. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a great dental practice!
21:45 08 Jul 21
This is the most thorough and detailed dentist I’ve ever been to. And the staff is WONDERFUL!! I completely trust this practice.
Nika G.
17:48 29 Jun 21
Your experience with Westbank Dental begins far in advance of your first steps through their door. When you speak with Ashley, the wonder-woman office manager and dental assistant, to learn more about the practice and the payment plans they offer, she will speak with you as if you had been a patient for years. You will feel like a part of their tight-knit family. After your initial call with Ashley, you will anticipate that you are in good hands, and you will look forward to your visit.Your visit will be all that you could want it to be and more. In the past you may haven't wanted to ask your dentist a few more questions, and due to lack of time with your dentist, you never had the chance to know what kind of toothbrush they use (an electric toothbrush is like a Ferrari, why would you not use it if you had one?) or how sipping a fruit juice over time is more detrimental than eating the actual fruit (your teeth are exposed to sugar longer).Hunter, the dental assistant, will give you a warm welcome, as she prepares you for your cleaning and check-up visit. She will ask you what kind of music you would like to listen to.You will soon discover that the playlist she queues up will play all of your favorite songs. She may take a few x-rays of your teeth to update your record. She'll also give Ashley your retainer and bite guard to have them cleaned so that they will be ready when your appointment is complete.You will then experience the magic of Dr. Danesh's expertise. She will not only give you your exam, but also explain through pictures where potential trouble spots are. You will realize Dr. Danesh wants you to see exactly what she sees, and you will appreciate the full transparency. She will explain to you how fillings over time will degrade and she will show you how an in-tact filling looks compared to one that's near the end of its life. You will be thankful that they do the exam prior to the cleaning since this probably gives you and your dentist a better understanding of how well you are taking care of your teeth. You will wonder why your dentists in the past cleaned your teeth before the exam.Throughout your cleaning, Dr. Danesh will ask you if you're doing OK. You will respond truthfully and she will adjust the intensity of her cleaning instruments. While you observe her and Hunter work inside your mouth, you will feel as if you are watching a perfectly orchestrated performance where your mouth is the stage and you are an active participant: **tilt your head towards me... tilt your head away... open your mouth wider.... close your mouth just a little... perfect.** You will appreciate the attention she gives to scrubbing the stains and scraping the plaque from each tooth. When the cleaning is done, you will wish there was more to be cleaned because you know Dr. Danesh's work is thorough.When you walk out the Westbank dental door, you will wish that check-ups were more often than every 6 months. You will feel like you have a whole new set of teeth, and you will be motivated to keep them clean for as long as possible. You will be thankful for the work they do at Westbank Dental.
Christopher S.
22:08 06 Jun 21
Can’t be more satisfied with my visit to Westbank Dental! I had a cleaning and some filling work done. They did a great job!
Mike D.
00:46 05 May 21
Dr. Danesh, Ashley, and Hunter have all been wonderful in welcoming me to Westbank Dental. The team is so friendly, personable, and comforting throughout the entire appointment and follow-up process. As someone who typically dreads dental work, I cannot recommend this office enough!!
Kendra R
14:04 03 May 21
It had been years since I went to the dentist (whoops) but Westbank Dental got me back on track. So impressed with the friendliness, thoroughness and technology-forward practice. Grateful to have this relative new dental practice in town!
Ryan F.
11:37 28 Apr 21
Professional, carrying, friendly... highly recommended
Zana T.
20:37 21 Apr 21
I have never been excited to go to the dentist until I found Westbank Dental. Everyone is so friendly and goes the extra mile to learn about you while also providing thorough and amazing care. They are professional while also creating a fun environment where you actually feel like THEY are happy to see you. Just moving to Austin, I think I’ve found my dentist for life! The office has a young feel, owned by two incredible young female doctors, who take the time to make sure that they are doing everything right and translating what they are doing in a way that enables you to be aware and in control of your dental care.
Mary Frances K.
22:28 20 Apr 21
I have a phobia of dentists and don’t usually like going to them. That said, I can’t rave enough about how AWESOME this practice is. Everyone who works here is incredibly nice, and they make sure I’m comfortable with every step of the process. I’m so grateful to everyone at Westbank, and am so glad I found them!
Revell M.
22:19 15 Apr 21
What a great dental practice. Genuinely nice people, who are good at what they do - a rare combination. Best patient service I've seen in a long time. We're grateful we found them, and you will be too!
Steve & Kate B.
21:41 30 Mar 21
For a couple years after I moved to Austin from Dallas, I traveled back to Dallas for my Dentist appointments. I've had a lot of dental work and a freak about having a great dentist. However, eventually the trips back got old and I tried multiple Dentist over 7 years in Austin, searching for that excellent dentist experience I knew in Dallas. About a year ago I found Westbank Dental and have been there 4 times. I could go on and on about Dr. Danesh expertise and her chairside manner or how knowledgeable Dr. Craft is and Ashely's help and the over all positive energy there, yeah I know in a dentist office. But the best way to convey my recommendation is to sincerely tell you, if I ever moved back to Dallas I'll be traveling to Austin for my Dentist!
Randy C.
12:39 25 Mar 21
Love this place. Dr. Danesh, Ashley and the team at Westbank Dental are so good at what they do. They are friendly and explain things thoroughly. I normally don't like having to go to the dentist but this office has a calm energy, I actually don't dread having dental work done.Dr. Danesh is very precise, she fixed my front tooth and I am impressed (before and after photos shown). She is patient and highly knowledgeable. Ashley is helpful with answering questions and making the payment/insurance process stress-free. My favorite part - they'll play your favorite music during your appointment!
Staci D.
05:13 12 Mar 21
Adan B.
03:11 12 Mar 21
My teeth have never been happier. I really enjoy the service from this dentist.
Mila Y.
20:43 11 Mar 21
A wonderful practice where they make you feel right at home and take time in checking and explaining things. All this is followed by very good care.
Sanjay A.
00:06 09 Mar 21
Office staff was so easy to work with! Easy booking, easy transfer of medical records and the kindest staff I have ever experienced in a medical office. Very thorough! Having some work done later this month after my initial exam and feel very well taken care of 🙂
Courtney D.
04:04 03 Mar 21
I had a great experience at Westbank Dental. Dr. Danesh and Ashley were fantastic. I was made to feel as comfortable as one could with metal instruments poking in my face. I highly recommend them for their knowledge, professionalism and concern for my well-being
Jeff F.
00:43 03 Mar 21
Dr Dhanesh was incredibly caring, thorough and professional! I can’t say going to a dentist is my favorite thing but the experience from start to finish was quite seamless that I have recommended her to my family. Also she was highly recommended by another friend who is a dental hygienist at a pediatric practice and her recommendation was spot on! I’ll certainly be recommending Dr Dhanesh to my network! Thank you for making the filling repair easy!
Sapna A.
16:19 01 Mar 21
Nothing but great things to say about this lovely office!! i had an unexpected dental issue crop up + they squeezed me in super last minute with no notice!! the office was so clean, well decorated, and calming and everyone was so sweet and professional from the front desk staff to the tech to the Dr. i absolutely recommend! you can tell they genuinely care about their patients and their practice.
juliana L.
03:33 09 Feb 21
This is a wonderful dentist office with wonderful people. I highly recommend it. They are so caring and take the time to listen to all your concerns.
Anita I.
02:10 05 Feb 21
I loved my experience at Westbank Dental! They are very gentle and caught an issue that went unnoticed by my previous dentist who I had to drop because they stopped taking insurance . They are thorough and my experience has been great! I highly recommend! Plus they accept dental insurance while many in Westlake no longer do!
Meredith C.
21:12 04 Feb 21
Highly recommend this awesome, women-owned dental practice. Dr. Danesh, Dr. Craft and Ashley are incredibly welcoming, knowledgeable, and caring. I'm so happy to have found the Westbank Dental family!
Kate I.
18:07 18 Jan 21
As someone who has always dreaded going to the dentist let me tell you that this is THE place to come! All three ladies are so wonderful from the moment you walk in the door to sitting down and getting your teeth worked on. I drive from north Austin just to come see them! Definitely recommend!!!
Elizabeth K.
20:02 14 Jan 21
Mahesh R.
16:31 09 Dec 20
I can't say enough great things about Westbank Dental. I've been going to Dr. Craft since 2012 and followed her here to this practice. They have the best customer service upon arrival. Dr. Sunny Danesh is super friendly, well rounded, and educated me throughout my cleaning. I recommend anyone coming to Westbank Dental for all of your dentistry needs. You won't regret it!
Kaolhi L.
14:26 04 Dec 20
From my first phone call with Dr. Craft, fist visit with Ashley, and treatment with Dr. Danesh, this entire team did not disappoint. With our special needs, It is very important for my entire family to find a dentistry team that we trust and feel comfortable with. Dr. Danesh, Dr. Craft, and Ashley make you feel comfortable and pay attention to each of our individual needs. I highly recommend!
16:34 11 Nov 20
The Ladies here at Westbank Dental are absolutely fabulous. Not only are they extremely professional, caring,comforting, and knowledgeable. They also take the time to provide extra steps to make sure your experience is as pleasurable as possible. Highly recommend. I will be coming here from now on.
Shelby L.
20:39 26 Oct 20
Gentil N.
18:38 29 Sep 20
Dr. Danesh and Ashley are AMAZING!!! Beautiful and clean office. I love that they have state of the art instruments and equipment which makes for a relaxing experience.Dr. Danesh not only did a great job on my crown but also fixed an issue from previous dental work. I highly recommend her.
Kay M
21:29 16 Sep 20
I just can’t say enough good things about Westbank Dental Dr.Craft-Dr.Danesh and Ashley are outstanding knowledgeable friendly and will do all they can to make it right for you.I highly recommend Westbank Dental guaranteed you’ll leave with a beautiful smile.
Rene G.
20:40 16 Sep 20
Highly professional, warm and personable team! Most thorough exam and cleaning I have had. Genuine concern for your well being and establishing a connection. Would highly recommend this office to anyone!
Karen R.
16:36 14 Sep 20
These ladies are AMAZING! From the second you walk into the door you are greeted by Ashley who is so kind, wonderful and helpful! I went in to get my teeth cleaned with Dr. Danesh and she was supper thorough, taught me how to brush and floss properly, and was supper gentle! I decided to come back a week later for some fillings- it was a painless and easy process. Dr. Danesh is BY FAR the best dentist I have been to!
Elle S.
18:05 26 Aug 20
After going to a number of dentist in Austin that I would not go back to I finally found Dr.Craft, Dr. Danesh and their awesome assistant Ashley. I'vehad work done by both Dr. Craft and Danesh with total satisfaction. Not only do they do quality work they also make patient comfort a priority. Alsoimportant is the fact that the personality of these three ladies can help make a trip to the dentist fun.
Sam S.
19:29 21 Aug 20
Wonderful experience! I had gone to Dr. Craft at another location several years ago and never forgot her, and I’m very picky!! When I recently got dental insurance I made sure she was on it and found her again. Now she’s with another dentist, Dr. Danesh, who is great too! Plus Ashley, the assistant = an office with tons of experience and lots of care & compassion.
Terri H.
02:56 19 Aug 20
Dr. Croft came highly recommended to me, so I was thrilled when her assistant, Stephanie, was able to wiggle me in to their schedule at the last minute. Dr. Croft and her staff were extremely patient and considerate of the fact that I'm not a fan of shots...they went above and beyond making sure that I was comfortable. Dr. Croft was also very thorough on answering any questions I had about the procedure she was doing on my teeth.Bottom line, I highly recommend Westbank Dental not only for their expertise and professionalism, but because they are all so personable.Almost forgot to mention another great fact...their office is completely new and super clean!!!
Allyson S.
23:36 26 Jul 20
Honestly the best cleaning I ever gotten! My teeth were visibly whiter after my cleaning. They take their time and truly care about their patients. They are excellent with kids too. My two year old actually loved getting her first teeth cleaning because Ashley and Dr. Danesh made it fun! 10/10 recommend! (The office is also extremely clean, which is essential during a pandemic.)
Valerie B.
20:00 06 Jul 20
I can't express in words how much it means to have finally found a dental office where I feel happy, comfortable, and cared for. Years ago Dr Craft was my dentist but she sold the place and I lost track of her. So happy to be back under her supervision. Dr Danesh is just incredible. Thoughtful and sensitive to my needs; supportive rather than preachy. Her and Ashley are a wonderful team, and I can tell they like each other and are happy. This translates to me receiving friendly, personalized care, and I couldn't be happier. I know I'm gushing over a dentist' office, but I've been looking for a somewhere like this for *years*. I've finally found my dental "happy place".
Matthew B.
18:29 01 Jul 20
Artur T.
16:22 24 Jun 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and nice office that is bright and spacious. I will definately come back.
Alfred M.
19:14 20 Jun 20
What an amazing team of caring, skilled, compassionate people. They made my visits so relaxing, explained everything in detail, and made me feel like part of the family. They went above and beyond to make sure the environment was safe and I was comfortable and all my needs and concerned addressed. I never write reviews, but they are so wonderful that I have to spread the word.
Samantha V.
04:26 11 Jun 20
What a relaxing dental experience! From the moment I walked in, the entire staff made me feel at ease. Ashley and Dr. Danesh took the time to explain every step of the cleaning, exam, and x-rays. The cleaning was the most thorough that I've ever had. They were extremely kind when sharing at-home care tips to help keep my mouth healthy between visits. I really felt like I was their only patient. I'm so happy to have found such a compassionate dental team.
Jenn L.
23:44 20 May 20
When I called WestBank Dental 5 minutes before they closed, I was hoping for a bandaid to dull my pain for the night; I was not expecting for Dr. Craft to answer AND wait for me to come in. But that's exactly what happened. She extracted my tooth and took care of me as if she had nowhere else to go. And then she called to check on me later that night and in the following days. It was the most "comfortable" extraction I've experienced, and the recovery was seamless. I didn't even have to eat any of my wife's green smoothies. That was the best part!Needless to say, I finally found my forever dentist.RW
Reiley R.
23:21 19 May 20
West Bank dental did a great job. They got me in and fixed my broken tooth quickly to avoid the tooth needing a root canal. The assistant Ashley was very nice the office was extremely clean!
Andrea N.
15:30 19 May 20
Fantastic new practice in Austin! SERIOUSLY! I had a great visit yesterday! They were so thorough and professional! My teeth look and feel fantastic. If you are looking for a new dentist, look no further!
Michael C.
03:11 14 May 20
This practice offers a high quality of service and commitment.
Janina S.
02:16 03 Jan 20
Sarvy D.
21:27 02 Jan 20
Nassrin A.
19:59 02 Jan 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Dr. Danesh and Ashley were very accommodating and took the time to explain everything they were doing and why it was important. I look forward to returning!
Rod A
16:50 02 Jan 20
I visited Dr. Danesh two weeks ago. I am no stranger to visiting dentists for various needs. Let me tell you, I had a fabulous experience. She was extremely meticulous in her work and made sure that I understood the treatment plan and how to continue taking care of my teeth and month between the visits. She demonstrated extreme care and gentleness working on my teeth. I have to go back in a few weeks for a follow up. The office is equipped with high-end technology devices not to mention the tasteful decorations and interior design. I felt like I was in a spa! 😊 I have already recommended Dr. Danesh to several friends and family members. I would go to visit her no matter how close or far I live from her office. She is highly recommended!
Neda H.
20:18 30 Dec 19
Had an enjoyable experience at Westbank Dental. I felt like the staff really focused on me, and took their time and provided a thorough experience. Not to mention, they are so kind and and Im excited to come back to complete my next procedure!!! Definitely check them out!!!
Liz L.
15:40 19 Dec 19
Corie W.
16:07 29 Jul 18
Dr.kassabian and his staff were wonderful! Especially Jeanna. Really. Super awesome. I would recommend my family and friends!
Jennifer R.
19:04 22 May 18

We are located in Westbank Market next to the Starbucks!