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Tooth-Colored Fillings


At Westbank Dental, we deliver high-quality restorations with tooth-colored fillings, or composite fillings.  They restore the natural appearance of decayed or previously filled teeth. This material replaces the traditional amalgam fillings used several decades ago. Dr. Danesh only places composite fillings in her patients’ teeth.  She is always happy to talk to her patients about the pros and cons of materials and techniques.

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings:

Cosmetics – The shade/color closely match the shade of your existing teeth. Also, cosmetic bonding procedures on front teeth use these materials. Dr. Danesh specializes in cosmetic bonding of front teeth.  Patients love the results after she improves the beauty of their smiles.

Bonding to Tooth Structure – Composite fillings micro-mechanically bond to tooth structure.

Versatility – Composite fills cavities, but it can also be used for repairing chipped, broken, or worn teeth that need a cosmetic improvement. They polish up very nicely!

Conservative Tooth Removal – Usually, Dr. Danesh has to remove less tooth structure compared with amalgam when preparing a tooth for a cavity restoration.

Disadvantages of Silver (Amalgam) Fillings:

Poor Cosmetics – The silver color of this material does not match the natural shade of teeth.

Discoloration – Silver fillings cause the surrounding tooth structure to develop a grayish stain.

Cracks and Fractures – Teeth naturally expand and contract when contacting hot and cold liquids and foods. Amalgam and composite fillings do as well. Unfortunately, amalgam fillings expand more than teeth do, so this creates an outward pressure on the teeth. Over time, the teeth cannot withstand the pressure and develop cracks and fractures. Eventually, these cracks and fractures can result in a tooth breaking or becoming painful.

Aggressive Tooth Removal – Often, excessive healthy tooth structure must be removed to adequately prepare a tooth for locking the filling into the tooth.


See the ADA’s website for more information about tooth-colored fillings.